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We are a provider of import/export solutions for clients primarily located in the Caribbean region. As an importer/exporter of heavy machinery equipment in a wide range of industries, we offer affordable, quality, and streamlined solutions to help our clients successfully complete projects on time.

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We provide distribution services:

  • Automotive Parts and Vehicles
  • Power Generation
  • Construction Equipment
  • Hotel Maintenance Supply
  • Maintenance Repair and Operations
  • Assist with Infrastructure Project Development

Construction Machinery

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Machinery Import

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Machinery Export

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Heavy Equipment

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Equipment Export

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Construction Import

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Construction Export

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  • automotive parts
  • automotive parts

Payment Methods

Along with the quality of the solutions we offer, we also take pride in their affordability. We make it easy for you to make payments from wherever you are. We accept various methods to cover the costs of your shipments. To know more about our payment methods, please click here.


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