Construction Machinery

a portrait of a truck driver

Spark International LLC specializes in the import and export of construction machinery.

We know that projects in the Caribbean region can be hard to complete without the proper construction machinery. It gets complicated even further when companies are struggling to purchase and ship these machines from the US to their project locations.

This is where our expertise shines through. We offer fast shipment of any kind of construction machinery at a reasonable price. We have experienced members in our staff who understand what it takes to provide logistic solutions to our clients in this specific region.

Our experience in the import and export of construction machinery allows us to provide first-rate solutions to your projects. We have worked closely with the following:

  • Caribbean Island governments
  • contractors
  • corporations
  • individuals who need construction machinery

We do not only help in the shipment of your items. We can also provide assistance with your purchase, making sure that you have everything that you need to complete the projects you are working on.

If you need help in completing your projects via the import and export of construction machinery, you can put your trust on us. Call us at 813-290-9818 to get started.