Tires & Oil

smiling forklift driver

When construction equipment or heavy machinery are being moved and operated constantly to finish a project, the tires can get worn out. In most cases, the Caribbean Islands do not have the local resources to supply clients with tires that fit such equipment or machinery.

Spark International LLC can handle this situation. We can transport the tires that you need for whatever equipment you may have. Our service is dependable, fast, and affordable. We can get tires delivered that include:

  • All sorts of trucks, including dump trucks, water trucks, utility trucks, aerial trucks, tanker trucks, bucket trucks, and specialty trucks
  • Bulldozers
  • Forklifts
  • And more

Flat tires can cause a lot of delay to the completion of various projects. Get your tires delivered from the US via our import and export service. With our experienced crew, your tires will get there on time! For more details, kindly call 813-290-9818.